超厚爆汁!台灣網路排名第一 天使雞排│台中逢甲夜市 Taiwan No.1 Angel Chicken Fillet


First place in online voting? Is it really so delicious?


When it comes to fried chicken chops, as a Taipei native, Latte’s first thought is Hotstar. However, in Taichung, the angel chicken steak, which is located in Fengjia night market, is even more famous, ranking at the top of all kinds of Internet Lists. This time, latte went to shoot at the invitation of Fengjia Night Market Association. When the owners of other night market shops talked about angel chicken chops, they could not help but talk about the shop was really good. People in the queue kept going from morning to night. Latte couldn’t wait to shoot the shop.

The sign is too bold
No wonder it’s No.1. There’s always a queue!
The store stirred the batter evenly for making
Fresh chicken chops
Put it in the batter and wrap it in a layer
Drain the paste a little before fry


While shooting Angel chicken chops, the clerk began to prepare for frying. The pickled chicken chops made from the fresh chicken slaughtered on the same day are fully wrapped with the shop’s secret powder, and then the clerk cleanly shakes off the extra material on the chicken chops and puts them into the oil pan. The sound of frying makes people appetiting, and soon the crisp and fragrant angel chicken chops are finished. The chicken chops just out of the pot are crisp and juicy. Even after being placed for nearly four hours, the delicious flavor of the chicken chops in the video is still the same. It’s a pity that the chicken chops are kept too long for the shooting and lose a lot of juice, but the chicken inside is still soft. During the frying process, the clerk kept changing the chicken chops clip. Latte guessed that it might be to avoid too much slurry falling into the oil pan and affecting the taste. After the shooting, latte specially observed for a while and found that the number of people queuing did not decrease, but increased. If cunstomers do not take orders online in advance, they may have to wait nearly half an hour to get delicious chicken chops.

Once in the pan, you can hear the sound of frying


Latte asked some shop owners about the questions about the deep color of oil. It turns out that many stores use palm oil, which has high burning point, which can better lock the moisture in the chicken chops, making the chicken chops more delicious, but the color is different from the oil in our lives. So, don’t blame them for not using good oil!

There are two oil pans frying different foods
Two pots start at the same time, but still can’t cope with the crowd
Golden Chicken chops
Sprinkle with pepper or chili powder
After four hours, the chicken chops are still delicious
It’s still fresh and tender
This is fried mushrooms from the store

Store Name: Angel Chicken Fillet-Fengdadian Angel Chicken Fillet Address: No. 22, Fengjia Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
店名:天使雞排-逢大店Angel Chicken Fillet


以上由 LATTE 口述,助理橙子整理。
The above was dictated by Latte and sorted out by assistant Jin

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