飽到扶牆走出來 胖老闆快手鐵板燒二訪 |台灣台北士林 So full that can hardly move Went to fat boss’s Teppanyaki for the second time|Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan 旺旺鐵板燒


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身材壯碩的老闆 Big boss, literally!

This teppanyaki, located in the lane of Shilin, is a treasure shop that Latte found by accident. Although Latte often passes by this store when I goes to pick up Vito and go home, I can’t help doubting the quality of this shop because half of the shop does Japanese food and half does teppanyaki, which seems a little perculiar.

準備好的食材等等就要開始製作了! Food are prepared!

Until one day, Vito’s mother suddenly wanted to eat teppanyaki, but most of the teppanyaki in Shilin Night Market was greasy, so we decided to try this Wangwang Teppanyaki. As soon as we entered the door, we saw a strong boss was frying a large portion of vegetables, and all kinds of ingredients were clattering on the iron plate, which made Latte suddenly hungry.

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先炒高麗菜 Cabbage first

Although the decoration of the shop is simple, the ingredients are fresh, and the boss handles the ingredients very carefully, even the shrimp is shelled first and then fried on the iron plate. As for the portion, just the ordinary double set meal has made our family of three three so full that could hardly move. Ask the boss why so much food, the boss replied that he was cooking according to his own appetite. Big portion, good quality and low price, no wonder there are so many customers. Those who do not have time to come will directly call the store to order packed teppanyaki box.

很鮮甜的高麗菜加點小辣很好吃 Adding a little spice in fresh cabbage, delicious!
空心菜炒起來還是翠綠色的 After frying, the water spinach is still green

Compared with the big brother, the younger brother who makes Japanese food is very, very thin. It’s funny when two brothers are standing together. If you like it, Latte can come and shoot Japanese food next time!

新鮮的豬肉 雞腿肉跟牛肉 Fresh pork, chicken leg meat and beef
魚排也是超級好吃 Fish steak is also super delicious
無骨牛小排 Boneless beef rib
翻面過後的魚排 Fish steak after turning
注意看!蝦殼已經先剝好了 Watch! The shrimp shell has been peeled
鐵板上滋滋作響 Rustling on the iron plate
這兩個超美味!真好吃 These two are really delicious!


以上由 LATTE 口述,助理橙子整理。
The above was dictated by Latte and sorted out by assistant Jin

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